Aeration in summer – suitable special tools

Regular aerification is one of the most important measures for sustainable and healthy turf growth.

However, aerification over the hot and dry summer months presents a particular challenge.

The turf is exposed to a particularly high stress level due to daily play, strain from e.g. regular mowing, as well as heat and drought.

To avoid subjecting the grass plants and their roots to additional stress, it is therefore advisable to use special tools that place only a low load on the surface while still providing an aeration effect.

Another advantage of smaller spoons with low surface stress is that the playing surfaces can be used again quickly. 

The following tool categories are particularly suitable for this purpose.

With their nail tip and outer diameters of 5mm and 8mm, nail tines are a special form of solid spoon and are used without a loosening angle. In combination with multi-tine carriers, up to 12 nails can be mounted per tool carrier. The result is a high hole density with a good aeration effect and only minimal surface damage. The machined surfaces can then be played on again immediately. 

Thin solid spoons with a working diameter of 8 – 10mm are also suitable for use over the summer period. Compared to nail tines, a higher working depth is achieved with solid spoons and it is possible to work with a loosening angle.

Another gentle alternative are cross spoons and root knives (bayonet tines). The focus here is on aerating the main root horizon with as little surface damage as possible. Compared to conventional round solid spoons, puncturing with cross spoons / root knives creates an open circumferential area that is up to 25% larger and is subsequently available for gas exchange. In addition, they improve root growth by incising the side shoots.

The use of small hollow spoons offers another processing option. Here, the new mini hollow spoon (Micro Coring Tine), outer diameter 7mm / core diameter 4.4mm, is a real performance star on the golf greens. With a recommended working depth of 40 – 50mm, it effectively removes turf thatch and provides soil exchange in the turf surface. To achieve the highest possible number of holes, the use of mini hollow spoons with multi-tine carriers (8 hollow spoons per tool carrier) is recommended. After collecting / blowing off the organic material (cores), the green is immediately playable again. 

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