Galabau 2022
Snow & Mow at Wiedenmann

Municipal technology and mowing decks were the focus of visitor interest at Wiedenmann’s stand at Galabau 2022.

White splendor in Germany? Many people no longer expect it in many places. But for municipalities and service providers, who have to be ready at all times, snow blades and spreaders are more important than ever: The increasingly mild winters and exploding costs are causing the demand for economical equipment for the maintenance fleet to skyrocket. Decision-makers who make smart investments here can counteract the trend for their own operations.

The manufacturer Wiedenmann invested accordingly at an early stage and was therefore able to present impressive technology in Nuremberg. The Snow Master Vario Flex 3370 dozer blade is considered a prime example.

The combination spring-loaded blade showed itself to be immensely versatile, allowing clearing widths from 137 to 250 cm. All configurations can be conveniently adjusted from the operator’s seat. Thus, one blade is enough to clear sidewalks, roads and large areas – all in one trip. In practice, this means that blade changes or multiple carrier vehicles are obsolete in the event of changes in winter maintenance: a real benefit for cost efficiency. Add to this the Ice Master Duo universal spreader with digital control, and the result is a combination that can cope with all requirements. Many cities and tightly budgeting contract service providers are unlikely to need more. On the other hand, Wiedenmann also showed mega machines such as the TriCut 490.

This special development virtually combines three mowing decks in one super machine. One example of this powerful machine was placed in a special area directly in front of the trade show entrance. The productivity that can be achieved is impressive: just nine lanes and an entire DFB soccer field is mowed down. Certainly not a machine for everyone – but operators can achieve dream margins with it.

The manufacturer also showed many other machines with multiple uses at its stand: for the maintenance of natural and artificial turf as well as for dirt removal. With over 120 types of equipment, Wiedenmann is one of the world’s largest suppliers. For more information, visit on the Internet.
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Caption: Efficiency is the trump card: Wiedenmann, the manufacturer of attachments, gave an impressive demonstration of what is needed for green space, dirt and winter maintenance. In front, the versatile Vario Flex clearing blade (Photo: Wiedenmann)
Caption: At the entrance to the trade fair, the TriCut 490 super mower welcomed visitors: with a working width of almost five meters, a productive solution (Photo: Wiedenmann)

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