Review Demopark 2023 – Wiedenmann heralds lawn care 2.0

Caption: Super 1300 M: Originally “just” a lawn sweeper, the new M version is a multifunctional machine that can pick up, mow and scarify. In the background, the Super 500.(Photo: Wiedenmann)This PR complete with photos and addressesEquipment manufacturer Wiedenmann used the Demopark trade fair to showcase its machines for green space maintenance, dirt removal and winter maintenance. Among the innovations, the Terra Core 6 ID stood out because it heralds a new era.

The Swabian manufacturer wants to revolutionise lawn care: Even more efficiency, even more precision and even more support for the operator is the promise.

The Terra Core 6 ID, a self-propelled aerator with “smart” assistance systems and remote control for maximum efficiency and ease of use, is designed to deliver on this promise. The machine is not an attachment, but an independent maintenance device with a special focus on resource conservation and sustainability. It aerates the soil to a depth of 15 cm at a working width of 150 cm. “ID” stands for Intelligent Drive, a hybrid drive with petrol and electric motors. It is controlled solely by radio remote control. Advantage: The operator can position himself freely and has the best possible view of the working area. This also keeps dust, vibrations, noise and exhaust fumes away from him. Sensors and cameras help with the depth guidance of the tines and with keeping the machine on track. “The assistance systems make the work immensely easier and lead to a significantly better result,” emphasised Volker Zippel, product specialist at the manufacturer. This has never been done before. The quick-change system for the tine holder is also mechanically innovative – only one screw needs to be loosened.

As one of the largest exhibitors, Wiedenmann had a lot more up its sleeve. Among them was the substantially further developed Terra Rake – a scarifying harrow with a working width of up to 540 cm. The attachment for the rear pivot point now offers smoother running, easier maintenance and is even easier to operate. New accessories were also on show, such as the Turf Roller as a special roller for the prevention of grass diseases and a granulate metering system for reseeding.

Wiedenmann also presented the RMR 240 W, a new large-area mower developed for mounting on front mowers. It has separately foldable and switchable side arms for working widths up to 240 cm. In transport position, the deck is only 180 cm wide. The dimensions promise a high degree of operational flexibility. Cutting heights from 20 to 100 mm are possible.

The new M version of the Super 1300 lawn sweeper is more than just an update. Wiedenmann has significantly expanded the functionality of the trailed machine: Not only material collection, but also scarifying and mowing are now possible with it. The “M” appropriately stands for multifunctionality – and thus for productivity.

Finally, a new disc spreader with a spreading width of 2 to 10 m was presented for winter service. What makes it stand out: various mounting options, electric drive, path-dependent control and clear operation. The hopper volume is up to 450 l.

Wiedenmann had around 30 machines on site in Eisenach. The manufacturer, founded in 1964, is one of the world leaders in its field and offers about 120 types of machines for practically every maintenance task in sports and leisure facilities as well as in the municipal sector. Find out more at on the Internet.

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This PR complete with photos and addresses
Caption: Industry first: Terra Core 6 ID self-propelled aerifier from Wiedenmann. Assistance systems and remote control facilitate operation and improve the work result. (Photo: Wiedenmann)
Caption: New, super compact RMR 240 W mowing deck with folding wings for up to 240 cm working width.(Photo: Wiedenmann)
Caption: Wiedenmann has significantly improved the Terra Rake scarifying harrow: for smoother running and greater ease of use. Connoisseurs could discover new accessories.(Photo: Wiedenmann)
Caption: Super 1300 M: Originally “just” a lawn sweeper, the new M version is a multifunctional machine that can pick up, mow and scarify. In the background, the Super 500.(Photo: Wiedenmann)
Caption: A new plate spreader with electric drive was also to be found at the Wiedenmann stand (Photo: Wiedenmann)
Caption: The Tri Cut 490 was also there: the three-section mega mower is now in series production and is probably the maximum on the market. (Photo: Wiedenmann)

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