Green area maintenance in winter – Making deep aerators fit again with maintenance sets

Wiedenmann, the manufacturer of machines for the care of green spaces, now has complete maintenance sets for deep aerators in its program.

They come at the right time, because many municipalities, associations, plant operators and service providers use the winter break to bring their machines technically up to speed for the next season.

The sets contain all the required replacement small parts such as tension springs, buffers and screws: elements that are exposed to high loads during machine operation and wear out over time.

Wiedenmann recommends replacement for the Terra Spike series of deep aerators after 3 years or 200 hours of operation – whichever comes first. The exact specifications depending on the model can be found in the operating instructions. It is true that all parts are also available individually. However, the sets allow the machines to be completely reconditioned in one go. They also save time and money compared to buying them individually. Ignoring the maintenance intervals would not be a good idea: deep aerators unleash high forces as they ram their tines up to 40 cm deep into the ground. The springs and buffers absorb much of the energy released in the process before it is transferred to other assemblies, the tractor and, last but not least, the operator.

The spare parts are tested branded goods with high fitting accuracy and durability, recognizable by the branding “Wiedenmann Original Parts”. Important: If operators notice premature wear on the aforementioned parts when inspecting their machine, they should be replaced immediately, if only for safety reasons. Find out more at on the Internet.

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Caption: The powerful Terra Spike deep fan unleashes high forces: operators should take a look at heavily stressed components during the winter season (Photo: Wiedenmann)
Caption: New from manufacturer Wiedenmann: maintenance sets with replaceable small parts that are exposed to high loads and wear on the lawn care machine. The sets contain all the necessary parts (Photo: Wiedenmann)
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