The multi-functional combined device for golf greens, tees and sport grounds.

TERRA FLOAT AIR was developed for all users with particularly high demands regarding professional turf maintenance. This system is ideal for loosening surfaces, incorporating top dress material and professional overseeding. The three-section perforation roller ensures optimum adjustment to the terrain and a constant working depth, also on undulating surfaces. The turf retainers ensure that the sod is not ripped up. In addition to different brushes and rollers, the TERRA FLOAT AIR also includes various perforation tools. With this device Wiedenmann presents a compact machine of modular design with an impressive range of applications.

Optional features: Preparation of seed beds with spike or star rollers, various overseeding rollers for the distribution unit, various brush hardness levels for incorporating seeds or top dress material, carriage, hydraulic weight transfer, additional weights

Working width: 150 cm
Working depth: 3 cm
314 – 1000 kg
Lifting capacity:
from 1000 kg depending
Min. driving power:
22 kW
Row spacing:
3 cm
Quantities distributed:
2-50 g/m²