drawn for use on sand-built sports lawns

Collection/separator combination for collecting and processing cores.

The CORE RECYCLER TB (trailed behind) is a unique machine on the market for golf greens and tees. Its sweeping head unit gently takes up cores that have been previously punched out and transfers them to the separator. This unit consists of four turning, individually settable drum screens. Rough organic components such as thatch are separated from the bound sand. The sand is subsequently returned to the earth and the organic mass is pitched into the collecting container. This action means a considerable time and cost saving for surface sanding, since up to 80 % of the valuable sand/ground mixture is reintroduced into the turf.

Additionally, the CORE RECYCLER TB can be employed for core collection when the separating function of the sieves is switched off with special inserts.

Saves up to 40 % top-dress material
Recycles up to 80 % of the valuable soil substrate
Minimises the use of herbicides
Machine widths in cm approx. 120
Dimensions L/B/H in cm approx. 375 / 169 / 157
weight approx. 750
High dumping in cm approx. 150
Area output approx. 3.500 m²/h