Whisper Twister

Leaf blower for golf courses and sports fields as well as municipal surfaces.

Thanks to the whisper turbine, the WHISPER TWISTER is ideally suited as a leaf blower for public places. Because of the unique, patented continuously variable 180° swivel mechanism, the leaf blower can be swivelled with only one hydraulic cylinder or electric spindle. This continuously blows the leaves and other
materials in the same direction without driving backwards. Efficient all-around work from left to right is also possible without turning manoeuvres. The air nozzle is vertically adjustable so that the air stream can be appropriately adapted to the requirements. The large support wheel always ensures effective ground
adaptation, also on uneven terrains.

Optional equipment: Straight or ground-based outlet nozzle, hydraulic or electrical adjustment of the outlet nozzle

Attachment coupling triangle or standard 3-point Cat. I
PTO drive 540, 1000, 2000 rpm or hydraulic
Air volume 200 m³/min
Exhaust velocity 50 m/s
Swivel angle 180 °
Power requirement 22 kW