For intensive cleaning of filled artificial turf surfaces.

The TERRA CLEAN 160 is a completely new maintenance machine for the intensive cleaning of filled artificial turf surfaces to a working depth of 1.5 cm. In addition to the reliable brush collecting, an extremely quiet roller fan generates negative pressure in order to suck off existing dust. Three integrated cyclone filter units then clean the process air of fine dust particles up to a particle size of 10 μm. Cyclone filters have the advantage over paper or textile filters in that they do not clog. The cleaning performance thus remains constant.

Optional equipment:

optionally with rear 3-point hitch and PTO shaft drive for attachment to tractor vehicles Cat. I / II or trailed with hydraulic lift and PTO or internal combustion engine (TERRA CLEAN 160 M or trailed) with electric lift.

TERRA CLEAN 160 C Artificial Turf
Working width
PTO drive
540 rpm or auxiliary motor
Required driving power
25 kW
Attachment Standard 3-point hitch Cat.I /II or trailed
Container capacity
90 l
2 x 45 l
cyclone filter, sieve 8 mm, lighting system