Loosening, slitting or aerification.

Effectively eliminates soil compaction up to 20 cm depth. The device can be equipped with standard or high-lift knives depending on degree of compression and soil conditions. For slitting up to a depth of 15 cm, it can also be equipped with fine-cut knives and with hollow tines up to a depth of 8 cm for cutting out thatch.

Optional equipment: Standard loosening, intensive loosening, fine-cut
knives, hollow tines, follow-up roller, supplementary weight, hydraulic weight
transfer system, carriage, overseeding unit, spring tines for overseeding unit

Working width: 160 cm
Max. working depth: max. 20 cm
314 to 1000 kg
Lifting capacity:
from 550 kg depending on equipment
Min. driving power:
22 kW
Row spacing:
7,5 / 15 cm