TERRA BRUSH Natural Turf

Multifunktionsbürste for Golf Greens, Tees, Fairways, lawns and artificial turf surfaces.

The TERRA BRUSH is suitable for brushing in sand and other top-quality dress materials.It levels and crushes cores, removes dew, and improves ball-rolling qualities. It consists of four special rows of brushes, with two rows working transversely to the direction of travel and two rows mounted in a zigzag arrangement, thus achieving an even longitudinal and lateral distribution.

Equipment option: special brushes, medium and hard (black and yellow), side booms, attachment for tractor rear 3-point hitch or for carriage and drawbar, hydraulic or electric lifting, anti-scalp castors

TERRA BRUSH Natural Turf
Working width: 188 / 380 cm
126 / 252 kg
Brush hardness:
Medium hard (black) and hard (yellow)
Attachment variants: 3-point linkage CAT.I or trailed