Spiking, aerating and overseeding.

The device can be alternatively equipped with a tool roller with spiking or star segments. The three-part, oscillating suspension adapts well to undulating ground and ensures uniform work depth. In a single pass, the spiking segment with full tines (hole spacing 3 cm) produces an unbeatable 1,500 holes per m2, the serrated star segments 500 slits per m2.

Optional equipment: Full tines, star segment, overseeding unit, spring tines for overseeding unit, follow-up roller, supplementary weight, carriage, hydraulic weight transfer system

Working width: 150 cm
Working depth: 3 cm
308 – 1000 kg
Lifting capacity:
from 1000 kg depending
Min. driving power:
22 kW
Row spacing:
3 cm
Quantities distributed:
2-50 g/m²