Mega Twister

Leaf blower for the efficient removal of leaves.

Despite its high blowing performance of about 390 m3 per minute, the noise emission of the MEGA

TWISTER is at a welcome low level. Also in noise-sensitive surroundings such as golf links, hospitals or senior citizen facilities, the device can be used without any problem. With the patented swivel mechanism, the leaf blower can be continuously swung through 230°. This allows efficient all-around work from left to the right without turning manoeuvres. The air nozzle is manually adjustable in a vertical direction, so that the air stream can adapt to the respective conditions. The MEGA TWISTER can alternatively be furnished with a support roller or with a pneumatic chassis.

Optional equipment: Straight or ground-based outlet nozzle, hydraulic or electrical adjustment of the outlet nozzle

Attachment standard 3-point Cat. I / II
PTO drive 540, 1000 rpm
Air volume 390 m³/min
Exhaust velocity 50 m/s
Swivel angle 230 °
Power requirement 35 kW