Electronics help in winter maintenance

Spreader update at Wiedenmann

The new 2023 version of the Ice Control electronic control unit now makes Wiedenmann’s Ice Master combined box and plate spreader even more powerful.

Due to the climate trend, less and less snow is falling, but this has hardly any effect on the spreading operations. On the contrary, with temperatures often only at the freezing point, the potential for icy roads increases: municipalities and service providers send their spreaders out more frequently.

With its new Ice Control control unit, the manufacturer aims to increase the spreaders’ usefulness. Users should be able to use their winter maintenance equipment even more easily and efficiently: Everything is now conveniently, quickly and easily controlled from the unit in the operator’s cab.

On the control panel, the spreader can be switched from box to plate spreading at the touch of a button. In addition to the manual spreading mode, there is a “smart” automatic system that controls spreading depending on the route via GPS. If the signal is missing at underpasses, a simulated speed signal is available to prevent the spread pattern from deviating. Using the booster button, the driver can briefly increase the spread rate in sensitive areas to achieve the required dew or dulling effect more quickly. In addition, the type of spreading material can be adjusted. Individual characteristic curves of three different spreading materials can be stored and called up as required.

There are two versions of the spreader. With a hopper attachment, up to 450 liters of spreading material are available. Virtually all free-flowing materials such as sand, grit, salt or granules can be used. The maximum spreading width is six meters. Box spreading is usually chosen for sidewalks, while the plate covers roads and squares. The requirements for the carrier vehicle are low: in addition to a rear pivot and PTO, it only needs a 12-volt connection. Find out more at Wiedenmann.de on the Internet or at your local dealer.

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Caption: Versatile plate and box spreader in one unit: the Ice Master from Wiedenmann. With the new, separate Ice Control unit, the application now becomes really productive (Photo: Wiedenmann)

Caption: Useful accessory: Ice Master control unit for Wiedenmann spreaders (Photo: Wiedenmann)

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