Demopark novelty from Wiedenmann
Turning small front mower carriers into area masters

With the RMR 240 W, Wiedenmann highlighted its new mower deck at Demopark: a strong lightweight for small front-mounted mower carriers with a drive power of 19.5 kW or more that are expected to handle a lot of mowing area.

The market is currently expanding in both directions: On the one hand, large areas are increasingly in focus, for which the manufacturer offers the TriCut 490, a productive mowing combination consisting of three individual decks – which, however, requires powerful tractors. On the other hand, more and more small front-mounted mower carriers are on the road, where the driver sits in front of the engine due to the design. For example, the Kubota F391 or the 1580/85 from John Deere. They enable precise work at low cost in small environments.

However, powerful mower decks have so far usually been ruled out for this purpose because lifting power and axle loads set narrow limits. However, these decks would boost the productivity of the small carrier vehicles even further.

Easy balancing act with “W”

Wiedenmann has now bridged the gap between the two types with the new RMR 240 W front mower deck. The “W” stands for a very special measuring arrangement that shifts the center of gravity very far towards the carrier vehicle. On either side of the center deck with three knives for a cutting width of 150 cm, there is an outer deck with a knife rotor. This results in an impressive working width of 240 cm: probably the most important requirement for classification as a large area mower.

In order to still be able to maneuver closely, the outer decks can be individually folded and disconnected hydraulically. Considering the power, the mower deck is not only comparatively light at 300 kg. With a transport width of less than 180 cm, it is also quite compact. Wiedenmann’s new mowing deck can be used for sports, ornamental and utility lawns. The cutting height can be adjusted in many stages from 20 to 100 mm without tools. A mulching kit is available as an alternative to the wide-area rear discharge without swath formation.

Deliveries are scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2023. Adaptations for other manufacturers, including Iseki and Shibaura, will follow then. For more information, visit on the Internet.

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