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Leaf blower gets new nozzle

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The first spring work is about to begin. Wiedenmann, manufacturer of maintenance equipment for sports and municipal areas, has upgraded its “Whisper Twister” leaf blower with a new reversing nozzle.

This reverses the air flow and directs it sideways under the attachment. The advantage: The path of the carrier vehicle is blown clear without the usual nozzle swivels. This increases productivity: a single quick pass along the footpath or cycle path and the path is precisely cleared of leaves and debris. The mowing of accompanying greenery is now also particularly effective, as the blower at the rear immediately clears the litter out of the way. This takes the strain off the driver.

Wiedenmann offers the new air outlet duct as an option for all models in the series. Operators can convert the existing straight swivel nozzle themselves in just a few simple steps. A change is possible at any time.

The “Whisper Twister” is one of the most powerful leaf blowers for rear or front mounting. Despite its enormous air output of 200 m3/min at 50 m/s, the built-in turbine is so quiet that the blower can be used in inhabited areas.

A compact tractor with an engine output of 18 kW (25 hp) or more is required. The attachment is made on the coupling triangle or standard three-point linkage Cat. I with drive via PTO or hydraulics. For higher requirements, the manufacturer has the “Mega Twister” and other equipment with an integrated collection container in its range. Find out more at on the Internet.

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Caption: Wiedenmann “Whisper Twister” leaf blower with new reversible nozzle: fast and precise blowing of narrow paths without tiring nozzle swiveling. (Photo: Wiedenmann)

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