Lawn care with deep aerators
Using Spoons correctly

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Start of the green season: Leaf blower gets new nozzleAerating is an important part of lawn care that should be carried out several times a year. The attachments for compact tractors from Wiedenmann, for example, offer excellent work quality and area coverage for this. But be careful: Not every tine (“spoon”) is suitable. What to look out for.

Leading machine manufacturers such as Wiedenmann offer their own range of tools such as tines and knives, which they have extensively tested and approved. They advise against using third-party tools in their machines. What is behind this, sales interest or technical necessity?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

According to Wiedenmann, machine operators should only use the tines approved by the manufacturer. This is due in particular to the high forces and torques that the machines develop. These can lead to deformation of both the (unsuitable) tools and the tool carrier of the machine. Such observations have been made for years in the in-house repair workshop. They were the decisive reason for the introduction of the original parts range, with which Wiedenmann wants to protect machine operators from expensive follow-up costs. This is understandable, as even small dimensional deviations and differences in the fastening shape can increase and have corresponding effects.

Significant damage

According to Wiedenmann, it often happens that the third-party tools become jammed in the carrier so that they can no longer be easily removed. A typical damage pattern is also that they rework the mounting hole of the carrier – the tools then loosen or no longer hold at all. In both cases, the tool carrier has to be replaced, which is a very expensive repair.

As a general rule, operators should also not swap tools between machine types – i.e. only insert the tines or blades approved by the manufacturer into the carriers. This is due to technical parameters such as the working speed and working depth of the machines. These require suitable tools, for example with the right material quality and wall thickness.

Manufacturer takes precautions

Wiedenmann prevents this risk with its model-dependent range of tines. The use of tools that are too long or too thick is therefore excluded by design. The resulting wear on pins, bearings, stops and other critical components is not likely to be in the interests of the implement operator anyway. Another factor is driver comfort, which can be impaired by vibrations due to the “out-of-round” running of moving parts. Finally, the aspects of accident prevention and warranty also weigh heavily – nobody should take a liability risk here.

Previous Press release:
Start of the green season: Leaf blower gets new nozzle

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