Anniversary at the turf pioneer
60 years Wiedenmann

This summer is really something: in addition to the European Football Championships, Wiedenmann, the specialist for lawn care machines, also has something to celebrate – the company is turning 60.

To mark the occasion, the manufacturer is offering anniversary deals on selected lawn care attachments. In some cases, several thousand euros can be saved per machine. This is Wiedenmann’s way of saying thank you to its loyal municipal customers, operators of sports and leisure facilities and contractors.

From a small business to a global player

“We are proud of this development,” says Managing Director Uwe Wiedenmann. “What started as a small company in my father’s garage has grown into a global brand.”

One key to success is technological innovation. The company invests a double-digit percentage of its turnover in research and development every year. The aim is to offer the highest level of quality and user benefits, emphasizes Sales Manager Oliver Matthes. For example, the company is increasingly focusing on efficient and sustainable multifunctionality. This means that many machines can perform several tasks. This not only makes some individual machines superfluous, but often also an additional compact tractor and personnel. This saves money and resources.

Reducing costs with technology

A good example of this is the new 1300 M lawn sweeper that the manufacturer launched this year. Not only can it collect leaves and clippings, but thanks to the multi-maintenance head developed in-house, it can also carry out flail mowing and scarifying: a technical milestone that incorporates six decades of experience. This also applies to the impressive Tricut 490, a highly productive super mower.

Wiedenmann produces with around 250 employees at its headquarters in Rammingen near Ulm and in Beled, Hungary. Around three quarters of production is exported to Europe, the USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Advice and sales are provided directly or via a dense network of partners.

Despite the anniversary, the company is keeping a Swabian modesty: A big celebration is not planned. However, there will be an open day and an internal event for the workforce in the fall. Find out more on the Internet at

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Caption: Cutting-edge technology from Wiedenmann in action: Nine passes and the Tricut 490 high-performance mower has mowed a DFB soccer pitch (Photo: Wiedenmann).
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Caption: Founding a global success: Wiedenmann’s type WI lawn sweeper, which revolutionized grass collection in 1964 (Photo: Wiedenmann)..
Caption: 60 years later: The latest Super 1300 M lawn sweeper. Grass collection, flail mowing and scarifying in one compact machine (Photo: Wiedenmann).

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