For deep aeration and removal of compactions up to 25 cm depth.

The TERRA SPIKE® GXi was especially developed for use on golf greens, tees, and sandy sports fields as well as other fine lawns. Its gentle working procedure is equally popular for users and players because it does not interrupt or impair game operations. The compact mounting is suitable for tractors from 15 kW (20 HP) and allows large area coverage with simultaneously impressive work quality. Two scales and three cranks ensure easy setting of work depth and incision angle.

Optional equipment: Solid tines, cross tines, coring tines, multi-tine holder, turf retainer, core swath board, supplementary weight

Precise tine penetration

Tool-free adjustment

Protection against damage

Fast tine exchange

TERRA SPIKE models for Greens and Tees

Working width 1400 mm 1400 mm 1600 mm 1800 mm
Max. working depth with Solidtines 200 mm 250 mm 275 mm 250 mm
Max. working depth with Coringtines 150 mm 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm
(Standard version without tools / accessories)
468 kg 590 kg 635 kg 890 kg
Min. required driving power 20 PS 25 PS 25 PS 35 PS
Min. Required tractor lifting capacity 600 kg 800 kg 900 kg 1050 kg
crankshaft speed rpm 280 / 360 / 460 385 / 485 175 / 232 / 290 385 / 485
Max. Working speed 3,0 km/h 3,2 km/h 2,4 km/h 3,2 km/h
Max. area efficiency with 55 mm hole spacing 1970 m²/h 2200 m²/h 2800 m²/h
Max. area efficiency with 110 mm hole spacing 3950 m²/h 4350 m²/h 5600 m²/h
Max. area efficiency with 65 mm hole spacing 1810 m²/h
Max. area efficiency with 130 mm hole spacing 3620 m²/h

Tine holders

The highly robust tine holders with largesized ball bearings are designed to withstand heavy-duty use.


The less time is required for necessary deep loosening and aeration, the longer the turf can be used for sporting activities.

Turf retainer

The optional turf retainer prevents damage to shallow rooted turfs.


TwinDrive transmits force symmetrically from both sides into the robust continuous crankshaft.


The robust, computer optimised crankshaft runs in large maintenance-free ball bearings.


Multi-tine holder

To further increase the efficiency ouf your work, we offer various multi-tine holders.

Range of tines

A complete range of solid tines, cross tines and coring tines let the TERRA SPIKE® GXi 6 master every job.

Rear roller

The optional rear roller of the GXi 6 is single or three parted and mounted in a floating suspension which allows the roller to follow the ground contours precisely.

Optional ballast weight

For heavy duty conditions of use, the weight of the GXi range can be increased by adding an optional ballast weight of approx. 45 kg.


When using hollow spoons you can place the cores in the swath in a single operation with the optional swath board. This makes subsequent collection of the cores much easier.