Lawn care on a budget

All the best for the cut!

The warm season is approaching, and the lawn needs to be spruced up again. What newcomers can get from Wiedenmann without breaking the budget.

For lawn mowers, the equipment manufacturer offers a complete range that leaves hardly anything to be desired. With around 120 machine types, the Swabians are among the world’s largest suppliers in the industry.

But you don’t always need the big guns to build up your lawn and keep it in good shape. Mowing, sweeping, harrowing, aerating and reseeding are all part of the usual work routine that will kick off the season again this year. Cost-conscious manage this workload with the manufacturer’s basic equipment.

Four devices as a basis

For grass cutting, they use the Super Pro rotary mower. It is driven via the PTO shaft on the front attachment of the compact tractor. Its specially coated DuraBlade blades shave off the stalk tips evenly. The working width is 130 to 180 cm. The mowing deck is quite quiet – partly because of the rounded edges for clog-free grass flow.

If the mulching option is not used, a combi unit such as the RK120Z is best for sweeping. It also picks up leaves, twigs and smaller branches: This would then be the first operation before mowing. The cuttings are fed via four brush strips into the 1.6 cbm collection hopper. This unit is also driven by PTO, but at the rear. The working width is 120 cm.

After that, grooming is the order of the day. Wiedenmann has developed the Terra Rake for this purpose. The scarifying tines are arranged in four rows. They are set into strong vibration by the high travel speed and pull the lawn felt out of the turf. The booms are foldable for working widths up to 4.6 m. Available as a trailed unit and for rear pivot. The collection of the harrowed out material is again done by the Rk120Z.

Wiedenmann recommends its Terra Slit for the wide range of aerating, loosening and aerating tasks. In keeping with its name, this rear-mounted attachment is used for slitting. A wide range of blades up to hollow tines is available for this purpose. Compaction down to a soil depth of 20 cm can be removed. Hollow spoon blades cut out turf thatch to a depth of 8 cm. Aerification in particular helps the lawn to grow healthy roots. Precipitation also penetrates the soil better. The working width is 160 cm. For the following reseeding simply use this machine as well, with the reseeding unit mounted.

Dual use saves money

Bottom line: Greenkeepers should plan at least as much investment for the attachments, with which all core tasks can be performed well, as for the purchase of the pure compact tractor. It’s a good choice given the frequent use throughout the year, the combination functionality of some implements, the quality tools and, last but not least, the many equipment options that can be used to handle even more tasks in the future.

On Wiedenmann’s Facebook page, there is an informative video film showing all of the aforementioned tools in action. The manufacturer also regularly offers good used machines. New machines are best examined at the dealer.

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