Turf regeneration in the border area

Extrem-Spoons from Wiedenmann

The machine manufacturer Wiedenmann brings an interesting extension to its range of accessories. For the first time, ultra-fine precision tines and Mega-Spoons are available: making lawn care possible like never before.

What is more beneficial: tilling the lawn more often with small tines or poking really big holes once in a while? There is no general answer to this question, because a lot depends on the soil status, the usage profile and operational factors.

However, greenkeepers can now find the right tool for both maintenance strategies at Wiedenmann. The manufacturer, one of the world’s leading suppliers in the field of turf regeneration, has added special tines to its product range for the Terra Spike equipment series.

The new Mini Hollow Spoon 7×80 is the junior in the bunch. With an outer diameter of 7 mm and an inner diameter (core) of just 4.5 mm, it retrieves super-small substrate worms from the turf. The 80 in the designation indicates the maximum working depth in millimeters.

Advantages on dry floors

With such fine-spoons, greenkeepers score points especially in hot-dry environments as well as in year-round use. It is predestined for use on golf greens. Mounted on a multi-tine carrier on the Terra Spike SL, it can create 660 holes per square meter at a travel speed of 1.5 km/h. The fine spoon is ideal for use on golf greens. The 39 x 39 mm hole pattern achieved provides a very good aeration effect, with a lot of organic material being cut out. The green is immediately playable again, there is no downtime.

The new 32×250 hollow spoon with an outer diameter of 32 mm, on the other hand, is of a completely different caliber. It picks cores with a diameter of 20 mm out of the ground. The working depth here is a maximum of 220 mm. This enables the greatest possible exchange of material in a single pass. Maximum drainage is also created, and the soil is thus very well aerated at the same time. The excavated turf base layer is well suited for filling in unevenness in heavily used turf areas.

This means that Wiedenmann now offers a really wide range of tines, from ultra fine to mega large. With the new small tines in 7×80 format, no greenkeeper can go wrong – overuse is practically impossible. The new large tines, on the other hand, really clean up the turf base layer so that the battered soil recovers quickly. And for fine-tuning in between, Wiedenmann has plenty of choice in its range anyway. Incidentally, they are all tested original parts that fit exactly and withstand the load peaks during deep aeration and aeration.

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Caption: The new extreme hollow spoon from Wiedenmann: Left the 7×80, right the 32×250. Greenkeepers are thus entering a new dimension in turf care (Photo: Wiedenmann)

Caption: The mini-hollowspoons leave behind the smallest cones of earth, so that the lawn can be used again almost immediately (Photo: Wiedenmann)

Caption: Wiedenmann’s multi-tine carrier with mounted mini hollow spoon: An ultra-fine hole pattern is the result (Photo: Wiedenmann)

Caption: The new large tines make an impression: golfers could easily stick a flagstick in the holes. For battered soils, the large tines are probably the best immediate measure (Photo: Wiedenmann)

Caption: Wiedenmann’s Terra Spike in action: With the right spoons, any soil can be repaired (Photo: Wiedenmann)

Caption: Brand logo of Wiedenmann Original Parts (Photo: Wiedenmann)

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