Greens TERRA SPIKE® G6 / 160

For deep aeration and removal of compactions up to 30 cm depth.

The Greens TERRA SPIKE® is predominantly used on golf greens and other fine lawns. It meets the highest requirements on work quality and operating friendliness. Along with many additional excellent performance characteristics, its working depth of up to 30 cm makes it a reliable companion for green keeper and grounds man.

Optional equipment: Full tines, hollow tines, multi-tine bearer, holding-down clamp, swath board, hydraulic roller brushes, supplementary weight

TERRA SPIKE models for Greens and Tees

Working width 1400 mm 1400 mm 1600 mm 1800 mm
Max. working depth with Solidtines 200 mm 250 mm 275 mm 250 mm
Max. working depth with Coringtines 150 mm 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm
(Standard version without tools / accessories)
468 kg 590 kg 635 kg 890 kg
Min. required driving power 20 PS 25 PS 25 PS 35 PS
Min. Required tractor lifting capacity 600 kg 800 kg 900 kg 1050 kg
crankshaft speed rpm 280 / 360 / 460 385 / 485 175 / 232 / 290 385 / 485
Max. Working speed 3,0 km/h 3,2 km/h 2,4 km/h 3,2 km/h
Max. area efficiency with 55 mm hole spacing 1970 m²/h 2200 m²/h 2800 m²/h
Max. area efficiency with 110 mm hole spacing 3950 m²/h 4350 m²/h 5600 m²/h
Max. area efficiency with 65 mm hole spacing 1810 m²/h
Max. area efficiency with 130 mm hole spacing 3620 m²/h

Mulit-tine holders

In addition to the wide range of tines Wiedenmann offers various multi-tine holders to ensure an even higher operational efficiency. In the Nail Board for the 5 mm and 8 mm solid tines (8 mm for G 6/160 only) with a tine length of 65 or 135 mm allows you to mount up to 24 tines.

Tine Holder

QuickFit: The nail board is easily and quickly mounted using the tine mounting and demounting system of the tine holder.

Nail Board

For exchanging tines the nail board is released through two screws, the tines are exchanged and the board is mounted again. Quick and easy.